Hey, there – welcome. I’m Denise Moody, and I'm here to help you with the resources and tools you need to build resilience with the students, staff and families at your school through a trauma-informed schools model.

As an educator, therapist and administrator, I’ve discovered that the work that gives me purpose is to support passionate and motivated educators and administrators in transforming schools to support the needs of all students and families, without burning themselves out in the process.

Tell me – does any of this sound familiar?

• You know what an ACE is, but are still not sure what to do about it.

• You know that all behavior is communication, but you can’t figure out what your student is trying to tell you (and how you can make the time to listen as intently as you know they need you to).

• You want to support your students in the ways they need, but worry about how you can keep other students safe in the process.

• You crash into bed at night and lay awake wondering whether your student is safe, whether they got dinner tonight and where they will sleep.

• You want to work at a school where relationships, mindfulness practices and social-emotional learning are prioritized, but can’t seem to get the traction to make it happen.

• You wonder what the heck “self-care” looks like when you contemplate overwhelming needs of students, staff, and families

If this is you and your school, Resilience Impact and the Trauma-Informed Schools model can provide a roadmap for transforming your school into a place where the work is still hard, but staff know that they are making a lasting impact in the lives of students and families.

So Who Am I?
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From mental health and behavior to grant writing and strategic planning, I’ve developed a deep understanding of how to build systems that meet the social-emotional needs of students over my 18 years practicing in the fields of education and mental health.

In my work as a social worker, I have worked in a variety of settings including schools, county agencies and non-profits with a variety of client groups including students preschool through grade 12, birth parents, foster parents and families. As an educational administrator, I have guided development of new initiatives that supported the mental health and behavioral needs of our student body.  During the 7 years I oversaw mental health services, we were able to increase the number of mental health providers by 400% through community partnerships, grant funding and third party reimbursement.  We were able to increase training on impact of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress on the developing brains of our students and begin to shift our practices in schools, both at the policy and classroom level, to better impact the needs of our students.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Winona State University and Masters of Social Work from the University of St. Thomas/College of St. Catherine’s. I also attended the University of Minnesota with a focus area of educational leadership and am licensed as a Director of Special Education. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and have my own private practice providing psychotherapy to adolescents and adults.

I live in small town Minnesota and am doing my best to raise four kids with my husband, who is also an educator.  We spend any free time we can find restoring our 130 year old victorian and getting on the lake, weather permitting.